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Social activist and environmentalist M G Hegde said that it is important that we give back to nature something in return for the immense good it does to us.

He was addressing the students of St Aloysius College Institute of Management and IT (AIMIT) on March 22 on the occasion of world forest day and world water day.

“There are many scarcities around us like water scarcity. When there is more demand, there will be scarcity as there will be less supply. Every living being on this earth contributes to nature except human beings. We must all at least be thankful to nature and contribute something towards its conservation,” he said.

In his talk he urged the students to spread awareness and involve even more in eco club activities.

Mr Hegde congratulated the students for their eco club initiatives and he said the activities conducted by the students were not only going to save nature but also the nation.

Director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ in his address congratulated the students for conducting an activity on the occasion of world water day and world forest day. He encouraged the students to come up with more such initiatives.

“Global warming has reached its peak and we must all understand the increasing need of saving water and planning more trees,” he said.

Winners of photography competition ‘Through The Lens’ were given prizes. The winner was Vinay Kumar and the runner up was Manisha Dsouza.

Later, students took active part in keeping water in coconut shells on trees in the campus. This was to help birds to quench their thirst in summer. They took active part in painting the outer cover of the shells.