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A workshop on problem centric research was conducted for students of II MBA on March 4 at AIMIT. The programme began with a prayer service. In the first session Dr Rowena Wright briefed the students on the research report, its format, layout and overall SIP project that has to be undertaken by the students. In the second session, Dr Swapna Rose spoke about literature review and citation. She explained how to use databases such as Proquest and Google scholar.

In the following sessions, Dinesh Konhada explained how to use ProwessIQ software and analyse financial statements. Sumitha Achar spoke about problem centred research and explained about problem identification, problem formulation and problem specification with relevant examples and a power point presentation.

In the second half of the day, Dr Beena Dias gave an in-depth explanation on research methodology, how to state a problem, types of questions that need to be addressed in the questionnaire and limitations of the study. Dr Dhananjaya K spoke about data analysis and the use of real-time data through SPSS software.

In the last session Dr Vasantha Naik spoke about the final SIP report layout, bibliography andreference section that needs to be exercised in the report through softwares such as Mendeley and Zotero.