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Our well-qualified and experienced teaching faculty plays a key role in producing graduates who are trained and driven to make an instant contribution to the workplace. Besides helping them achieve academic excellence, our teachers are motivators and guides, who are committed in delivering their best to the student community.


Dr Hemalatha N

Dr Hemalatha N

Dean (Academics – IT)
MCA, MBA(IT), PGDCA, PhD (Information System)

Dr Santhosh B

Associate Professor & HOD (Department of MCA)
MCA, MTech(IT), M.Phil, NET, KSET, Phd

Dr Ruban S

Associate Professor & HOD (Department of M.Sc – Software Technology)
M.Sc, MBA, M.Phil, MHRM, MISTE, Ph.D

Mr Rakesh Kumar

Dr Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Professor & HOD (Department of M.Sc –
Big Data Analytics)

Dr. Jeevan L J Pinto

Dr. Jeevan L J Pinto

Associate Professor (Department of MCA)
M.Sc (Electronics), M.Sc (IT), MCA, M.Phil, PGDIR & PM, MISTE, Ph.D.

Dr Srinivas B.L

Assistant Professor
MSc (CS), Mtech (IT), PhD

Dr Roshan Suvaris

Assistant Professor

Mrs Manimozhi R

Associate Professor
MCA, M.Phil, M.Tech

Mrs Vanitha T

Assistant Professor
M.Sc(STAT), PGDCA, MCA, KSET, PhD (Pursuing)

Mrs Nausheeda B.S

Mrs Nausheeda B.S

MSc, MTech, PhD (Pursuing)

Mrs Annapoorna Shetty

PGDCA, MCA, MTech, PhD (Pursuing)

Mrs Suchetha Vijayakumar

M.Sc, PGDCA, MA, MTech, PhD (Pursuing)

Dr Shine P Varkey

Dr Shine P Varkey

Assistant Professor
(Dept of Bioinformatics)
Ph.D (Bioscience)

Mr Aravinda Prabhu S

M.Sc (Comp. Sc), MTech